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Exhibition – Paper Arts

I have recently taken part in a joint exhibition with fellow members of Clifton Arts Club, which took place at PaperArts Bristol, my Norwegian Tree Cat made another appearance, alongside some fun, affordable, contemporary decorative art pieces I have made.

I have now decided to put on a solo exhibition.  At first I thought I would use a ‘theme’ for the exhibition, as this is what artists are invariably told to do, but I have since decided that I am not going to do that, and instead I will explore the full glory of art, art techniques, mediums and styles to produce an array of differing artwork, which should please many artistic pallets.

So, watch this space…

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Everything has just got better, I feel so incredibly chuffed today that I actually feel like a Superhero!

Not only was my artwork accepted by Clifton Arts Club to be part of their 107th annual OPEN EXHIBITION at The Colston Hall, BUT The Bristol Evening Post used my artwork to not only promote their weekend listings this week, as seen below, but they also used my artwork for a 2 page spread about the OPEN EXHIBITION, which included a excerpt from THIS VERY BLOG!  I’m so happy.

and, as I am high on the Happy Side, I thought I would also share this wonderful claim to fame – a Retweet, last November, on Twitter, of a time-lapse video I made of my Lion painting coming to life, by none other than the HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTAR Russell Crowe

You can see larger images on Facebook

GREAT promotional bits for my artwork!

Posted by Open Art Studio on Friday, July 10, 2015

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Clifton Arts Open Exhibition

And here is my entry into this years ANNUAL OPEN EXHIBITION with Clifton Arts Club, Bristol, which is being held at The Colston Hall Vaults and will run from the 10th until the 24th July 2015.

Clifton Arts Club was founded in 1906 and it’s the oldest art clubs in England.  I can’t believe this is the clubs 107th annual Exhibition!  I’m really pleased to be a part of it.  Apparently, at one point, Clifton Arts Club was a secret club and you had to be invited to the club and be vetted in order to become a member.  I really like that idea, although they may not have let me in back in the day as I am a woman with no status – I may have been a maid and a model though, I like that idea too.  I wonder what the members of 1906 would think of my Norwegian Tree Cat.  Of course they would have been overwhelmed as it’s painted in acrylics, which didn’t exist until around 1934, therefore they would be mesmerised by the painting pauper who could make oils dry in minutes!  I would either be famous, or tarnished as a witch, it could go either way for a woman back then.

Cats have been painted a lot throughout history, and this is my cat to add to the collection.  Norwegian Tree Cats are also called Forest Cats.  Vikings took them to Norway from England around 1000AD and they adapted to their climate by growing huge furry coats to keep warm in the snow.

I hope my artwork is picked for the Exhibition.  I think it looks wonderful framed and I’ve never taken part in an Exhibition with other artists before, so it will be so nice to be part of something like this, especially due to the clubs amazing history.  Fingers crossed all goes well and I hope to see you all there!

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Flower April 08 2015 webThis year I have decided to focus on exhibiting my work in my home town of Bristol, England.  This is a really exciting time for me.  I have held one previous exhibition of first edition prints, which was held in Marple, Stockport.  I did really well, spoke to lots of people, gained many commissions and sold 80% of the prints, which is fantastic, but this is the first time I will be exhibiting with other people!

There are four exhibitions that I am entering with Clifton Arts Club, three are being held at local libraries in Clifton, Redland and Cheltenham Road during June, and the other is being held at the Colston Hall in July.  I really can’t wait.  I will update you of all my news as and when it happens.

Alongside this I am putting on an exhibition at a gallery in central Bristol called paperarts – more details to come.  I’ve decided to make this a fun exhibition of my work, where audience participation is key.  Don’t worry, nobody is going to be asked to sing or dance, all I ask is for people to look.  There will also be a competition running alongside the exhibition where people can win pieces of original artwork or prints.

But, first things first, on with the planning!

Great planning and perseverance is the key to any venture.


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