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I can’t believe I have had nearly 32,000 views on my YoutTube Channel!  This is incredible!  I’m so overwhelmed that so many of you have watched all my artistic video creations.

Next year I am aiming to develop some video tutorials to accompany my musical creations, so watch this space…


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Life drives me to create art, everything I see and do inspires me to paint.  At present I am focussing on paintings of woodlands, which I not only hope to sell online via, but I would also like to hold an exhibition of these wonderful woodland scenes, in my hometown of Bristol.

I grew up in the countryside and every Sunday morning I used to walk through the local woodlands with my father and the dogs before we sat down for Sunday lunch.  It was wonderful to watch the woodlands grow and change colours over the passing seasons and years.  I now live in the city, and over the past 3 years I have spent many hours looking out my window at a set of five huge trees, which stand at five points of equal distance apart on a roundabout.  I have watched these trees grow and change while I have pondered my own life and speculated how the trees came to be there and what they have seen in their lifetime.

I really enjoy painting trees as each branch of the tree is so unique, and the trees grow so wild and free.  I find looking at trees a great exercise in mindfulness.  When I look at a tree and realise that their roots grow deep into the ground, as far into the earth as they rise high up into the sky, I find it overwhelming to think of how huge these plants really are.  Some of the trees on the planet are thousands of years old, so it is unimaginable to think of what they may have witnessed in their lifetimes – if trees could talk what would they say?

Trees not only hold sentimental feelings for me, and are technically overwhelming due to their size and age, but I also find them incredible as they produce oxygen and they are the lungs of the earth that enable human life to grow.

Trees are unbelievable, without them we would be nothing.



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Exhibition – Paper Arts

I have recently taken part in a joint exhibition with fellow members of Clifton Arts Club, which took place at PaperArts Bristol, my Norwegian Tree Cat made another appearance, alongside some fun, affordable, contemporary decorative art pieces I have made.

I have now decided to put on a solo exhibition.  At first I thought I would use a ‘theme’ for the exhibition, as this is what artists are invariably told to do, but I have since decided that I am not going to do that, and instead I will explore the full glory of art, art techniques, mediums and styles to produce an array of differing artwork, which should please many artistic pallets.

So, watch this space…

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Everything has just got better, I feel so incredibly chuffed today that I actually feel like a Superhero!

Not only was my artwork accepted by Clifton Arts Club to be part of their 107th annual OPEN EXHIBITION at The Colston Hall, BUT The Bristol Evening Post used my artwork to not only promote their weekend listings this week, as seen below, but they also used my artwork for a 2 page spread about the OPEN EXHIBITION, which included a excerpt from THIS VERY BLOG!  I’m so happy.

and, as I am high on the Happy Side, I thought I would also share this wonderful claim to fame – a Retweet, last November, on Twitter, of a time-lapse video I made of my Lion painting coming to life, by none other than the HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTAR Russell Crowe

You can see larger images on Facebook

GREAT promotional bits for my artwork!

Posted by Open Art Studio on Friday, July 10, 2015

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